First post, Redemption and old fashion

I was sitting at church today and wanted to start a new blog. A blog about life as a christian girl in Finland, about christianity in general, church and the bible. So here it is.

I was flipping through the pages of one of my notebooks and I found something very interesting that I wrote down once. I was at a christian leadership conference in England and the theme for this meeting was “A redemption” What caught my eye was this, how so many christians now a days just go with the flow. What the world likes, we like. That is not what the bible teaches us to do. We are not of this world. We should live in the world but not of the world. (John 15:19 ; 2 Cor. 10:3)

This is a quote from my notebook and from the preacher himself Andy Elmes. ” We have to be the ones who stands up and says no, we stand for the knowledge of God. We might be old fashion but oh well.”

This is really important for a now a day christian. Follow the laws of Jesus. If we are a little old fashion its all worth it. That is how God wanted it to be, not like it is today with the modern christianity.

“Where the knowledge of God is removed there will be chaos”

This we have noticed all over the world. A big example is actually the USA. They removed bibles and praying from school and instead put in metal detectors. Where you removed God and the bible, his word, chaos will follow. The bible is just a way of life. Simple, strict yet loving. Remove that and well what happens if you remove love, I think that is kinda obvious.

“There is a pointed time for stepping out of the boat”

If we are not teaching people to walk by faith we are robbing them from a part of their christian life. Every christian has started somewhere, gotten something from someone, a seed. Seeds need to be planted before you  can harvest. If you do not plant the seeds who will?

I will tell you a little story.

There was a man who suddenly got a picture in his head. This was an image from God telling the man to go visit a lady down the street. The man blew it off cause he didnt really wanna go visit the lady. A couple days later his mom came to him and asked if he knew the lady down the street. The man said that yes he knew her and wonderd why. Then his mother told him that she had been really sick and died. The man went up to his room and cried and asked God to forgive him.

By this story I want to tell you. Go where God leads even if you dont want to. You never know whats going to happen and what a little seed can do for a person.

We have a journey to Go as christians. Sometimes it might seem hard, sometimes easy but what we have to remember is not to follow the crowd but to stand out. Go against it and follow God. Its a challenge but so worth it. Thnks to God I have gotten to visit 21 countries in my 22 years…And this year its going to be my 22nd country. God blesses them who want to be blessed and helps them who want to be blessed.
This is my encourangement to you. Ask and you will recieve. Go and God will do remarkable things through you. All you have to do is take the first step.


4 thoughts on “First post, Redemption and old fashion

  1. Such an accurate and inspirational message; of which is much needed in todays world. You are so correct – we are to be a “light unto the world.” I want you to know I am so impressed with your message… especially in light of your age. Thank you for getting your message out to a starving world of believers.

    May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless and keep you always.

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